#61 The Aftermath

I think there were some unexpected results from that catharsis.
Oh nooooooo!

Something appears to be going on here. Some kind of thing that appears.

Nothing like some good old racial stereotypes. I think we’ve gotten this out of our systems now.


#59 Up-Butt-Bonernut

Nope, still not done.
Oh nooooooo!

Gives blowing your nose a whole new meaning AAAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAA*BANG*

Let’s play “How many more of these can I post before WordPress bans me.”
Oh nooooooo!

Edgar Allen Poener's finest work

It turns you into a duck, apparently.
He has the raccoon tail so he can fly.
Hehehehe…. “piness”.
Oh nooooooo!

Thursday crotch rocket

The greatest whiteboard ever, cut short of its potential for a MEETING?!
Oh nooooooo!

Yes, that is a trouser snake

Today is the day to be proud of what our homelands choose to sew onto fabric.

#53 MJ’s Party

One MJ likes to play with balls. The other is good at basketball. Which MJ is your favorite?
Oh nooooooo!

Chock-fulla Jon goodness