Unlike some people, missing an update here doesn’t mean “oh well, see ya next week.” A Lisaless intermission to prepare you for the LISA SAGA GRAND FINALE!
Oh nooooooo!

Can't a guy do a little macing without getting the kangaroo 3rd degree from the missus?

Ironically, Lisa-vark is the one peeing herself in this whiteboard. Realistically, it’s anyone who looks at this.


Get outta here, text bubble!


Whatcha gonna do brother, when the Lisa brings the pain to you, alll deeeyyyy!


Specifically not starring Nicholas Cage! Yeah… it’s another two-parter I was sure I had more images of.


#65 Intermission

It’s time for a slight break in The Lisa Saga…. WITH MORE LISA!
Oh nooooooo!

This isn't a whiteboard, it's actually a time-lapse photo.

Okay, it’s a bit late. Okay, it’s only two images. But it’s got Robot Empty Chair!


A few months ago, my dog died, my grandmother got in a car accident, a friend moved, another one went to the hospital, and I didn’t feel like updating for a bit because I was a bit upset. Next week, the Great Chris Wnuk will be leaving for New Zealand to live there forever and ever. In his honor, I’ve decided to reinstate the blog, and hopefully bring it back to its weekly without-fail updates. What better series to start with than this.

I present to you… The Lisa Saga.



Too many tragedies in too short a time to update.

Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it.

#62 All-Things-Smashia

Oh nooooooo!

Homer Head assist trophies directly attack your opponent's portraits.